Arduino code for development of prosthetic hand prototype




The development of prosthetic hand prototype is a challenging project. This project is a stepping stone for future evolution in a prosthesis. As the world is advancing more into Artificial Intelligence, there is more platform for a prosthesis to flourish. However, this project revolves only around rudimentary prosthetic hand development.

The project can be considered as a demonstration of collaboration between cheaper technologies: 3D printing, open source hardware and software- Arduino, to produce a cheaper usable system. The project challenges begin and continue from designing till operation. The prosthetic hand has been programmed up to the highest limit of configured electronic components. A user interface has been developed with the Arduino IDE as well as using Visual Basic .NET. A physical interface has been developed using a switch as well. The aim of all these interfaces is to demonstrate different methods available to communicate with the prosthesis as well as to put the user at an ease.


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