Arduino code for EEG signals collection and MATLAB code for classification

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This project has two section :

Code to collect data using the Arduino UNO.

MATLAB code for EEG signal classification based on Support Vector Machine (SVM)

If you are going to create link between MATLAB and Arduino and want to implement machine learning algorithms, This project can help you.

This code has a document (79 pages) which describes the algorithm in detail.




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3 reviews for Arduino code for EEG signals collection and MATLAB code for classification

  1. Neysa

    I’m very grateful for this project, and I really enjoyed it.

  2. blank

    Amit Sharma

    Hello, I am interested in buying the EEG data classification algorithm using the Support Vector Machine. I wanted to know what exactly it gives out. Does this have the algorithm to get the emotional states, pleasant and attentiveness also.

    • blank

      global MATLAB

      Hello, If you want to use it for emotional states classification, you must design a model that can do it.

  3. blank

    Amit Sharma

    Hello, I was trying to purchase the EEG classification Algorithm . I was trying to pay through Visa credit card but it is asking for CPF number which I don’t have. I am ordering from India. Please guide me how to order . I tried to use Paypal also but it is asking for CPF number again..

    • blank

      global MATLAB

      Hello, Thank you for your message, Changing your country on the paying page, solve the problem.

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