Frequently Asked Questions


Which version of MATLAB do you use in your work?

We use newest version of MATLAB. We use currently MATLAB 2017.

I can not use your payment method. What is solution ?

If you can not use our different payment methods, You can contact us.

We will find a solution for you to pay the cost of the product.

How much time after successful paying, I will receive my order?

Major of our products are digital. We will email the files for you , one minute after successful paying.

I entered my email incorrectly. How can I correct my email address ?

We will email the files to your email address, so please be sure to enter your email address correctly in the checkout page.

If you enter a incorrect email address, contact us to send your order to your correct email address.



I have bough a product, but I have not received any email until now.

If you paying was successful , but you have not received any file from us, please contact us to send your order as soon as possible.

I have received this message. "This card is unusable. Please re-enter with another card or contact your card company"

This error shows that you have entered your bank card information incorrectly.

If you have entered correctly, You must contact with your card company about this problem.


The page of mastercard appears in a different language ,and i can't understand it

CreditCardJP just accept Japanese credit card. It is not global.

please use other methods of paying


Can you help me in simulation of my thesis in MATLAB?

The group of MATLAB one has profession in many different subjects :

Image processing

Artificial Neural Network

Applications of AI,

knowledge-based systems,

computational intelligence,

including fuzzy logic,

neural networks

evolutionary computations

signal processing,

performance evaluation,

wireless communication,

wireless sensor networks,


image processing,

network optimization,

circuit theory,

compressed sensing,

coding theory,

network coding

nonlinear control,

stochastic theory,

discrete events,

linear systems,

adaptive control,

robust control,

design and software,

system identification,

fault detection,

real-time programming,

robot control,

artificial intelligence,

man-machine systems,


computer-aided design

intelligent control

mechanical engineering,

electrical engineering,

civil engineering,

chemical engineering,

petroleum engineering,

environmental engineering,

architectural and urban planning engineering