Arduino Code for Automated Irrigation with one/two sensor

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The automated irrigation system was constructed and designed by the authors to monitor and control moisture levels in the heated green roofs and heated gardens. The system has recorded moisture data and is capable of turning on or off a pump, and opening or closing a water solenoid valve when the soil reaches a pre-set low moisture level. The irrigation system was installed and tested at The Cooper Union and the Agricultural University of Iceland.

The automated irrigation system contributes to the overall autonomy and sustainability of the heated green roof and heated garden systems. The automated irrigation system regulates the moisture level of the growth media or soil which provides water for plants and aids in cooling the waste hot water. The automated irrigation system functions without human involvement. Using solar panels or the thermoelectric generator allows it to be independent of the electrical grid.

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2 reviews for Arduino Code for Automated Irrigation with one/two sensor

  1. Uthkarsh

    Everything perfect. Highly recommend.

  2. blank


    Arduino pin 13 (named as WATERPUMP in code) is used to turn on and off the transistor. According to the code to control the speed of the motor we need to enter a value between 0 and 255 in the Serial Monitor. I used 200 value for the speed of the motor.

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