Accurate and relative fast constellation detection

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Our algorithm successfully achieves accurate and relative fast constellation detection. Unlike regular template matching problems, constellations are scatter-based, so existing techniques such as SIFT detector or SURF detector cannot be applied.

We build the database based on the information we need for constellation detection; then we apply the proposed algorithm to detect star patterns we are interested in. This enables the sky gazers and amateur photographers to extract star patterns of interest conveniently from their photos.


Detection Result with and without scale filter. (a)Detection results without scale filter, a lot of incorrect constellation matches are generated; (b) Detection result with scale filter, only the matches with proper scale is preserved.



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  1. Umer

    I am interested in “fast and accurate relative constellation detection”.
    i am working on a project that tells about the star pattern from image of the stars.
    can you please send me the output of your project

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