Adaptive Noise Cancellation algorithm MATLAB code

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Adaptive Noise Cancellation


Adaptive Noise Cancellation is an alternative technique of estimating signals corrupted by additive noise or interference. Its advantage lies in that, with no apriori estimates of signal or noise, levels of noise rejection are attainable that would be difficult or impossible to achieve by other signal processing methods of removing noise. Its cost, inevitably, is that it needs two inputs – a primary input containing the corrupted signal and a reference input containing noise correlated in some unknown way with the primary noise. The reference input is adaptively filtered and subtracted from the primary input to obtain the signal estimate. Adaptive filtering before subtraction allows the treatment of inputs that are deterministic or stochastic, stationary or time-variable.


The effect of uncorrelated noises in primary and reference inputs, and presence of signal components in the reference input on the ANC performance is investigated. It is shown that in the absence of uncorrelated noises and when the reference is free of signal, noise in the primary input can be essentially eliminated without signal distortion. A configuration of the adaptive noise canceller that does not require a reference input and is very useful many applications is also presented.


Adaptive Noise Cancellation algorithm MATLAB code1


Adaptive Noise Cancellation algorithm MATLAB code2


Adaptive Noise Cancellation algorithm MATLAB code3

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