The optical communication link budget



The first step is to analyze the received and the transmitted power of the laser communication link. The link budget equation has been used to perform the analysis and was implemented in a MatLab software format.


MATLAB code for Estimation of the effective-transmitter aperture

A new MATLAB code has been generated to calculate the appropriate transmitter diameter that matches experimental power result.


MATLAB code for Estimation of the optical communication link BER

There are two steps to estimate the BER after the received power has been found. The first step involves noise calculations, which include both the noises corresponding to high signal or ‘1’ bits and the noises corresponding for low signal or ‘0’ bits. The second step is calculating the BER based on the received signal and noises in the system and based on the transmitted signal and the noises in the system. A Matlab code has been generated to estimate the noises and the BER. 


Binary Loop

The transferred files have been checked bit by bit using a modified version of the previous bit by bit program.

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