Import data files collected with WaveNow potentiostat



code 1 :

Imports I vs t data from Pine WaveNow instrument converted to a csv file.

code 2 :

Estimate area under the I vs. t curve using the trapezoid method, gives sum of the entire area under the curve based on a given delay time.

code 3 :

Function served to write data as an output to a *.csv format file.

code 4 :

Expedite import of multiple data sets into the workspace

code 5 :

Imports multiple data sets into a data cell array of matrices

code 6 :

Function reads in multiple text files, while eliminating repeated time data columns from data matrix to produce a matrix for use in other functions.

 code 7 :

Function calculates the trapezoidal area under the curve for multiple data sets.

code 8 :

Calculates average current, area and standard deviation of area for data from a cell array.

code 9 :

this function will perform a similar function while assisting in waveform parameter optimization of tdel and tint.

code 10 :

This function will import a series of data files, and then write them to a specified output file.

code 11 :

Convert current data to area data row-by-row.

code 12 :

A summary function used to call several sub-functions to fully analyze a set of data.

code 13 :

The purpose of this function is to assist in the optimization of BPED waveform parameters

code 14 :

This function was written to propagate errors in calculating the area under the curve using the trapezoid method for I vs. t curves.

code 15 :

Function was written to correct average current data for background (blank) currents and propagate errors from this process.

code 16 :

Calculate average and standard deviation of current matrices passed to the function – primarily used in generating average and standard deviation of currents from cyclic voltammetry runs. Written for use in a larger function.

code 17 :

Generate the average cyclic voltammogram data for a set of CV data.

code 18 :

Function was written to assist in generating calibration plots for direct BPED analysis of samples.

code 19 :

Function was written to assist in determining optimal values for oxidation time components (tint, tdel, tclean) based on a series of I vs. t curves.

code 20 :

This function was written to determine what effects various BPED waveform parameters had on the linear least-squares correlation coefficient (R2).

code 21 :

Quickly analyze data from the experiment listed in the script name and get average and standard deviation of areas.

code 22 ;

Script quickly analyzed a series of delay and integration times to assist in optimization attempts.


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