Creates an even/odd pair of 2D Gabor filter



Creates a pair of Gabor filters (one odd one even) at the specified orientation. For Thomas’ ECCV98 filters, use sig=sqrt(2), lam=4. Note that originally this function computed a quadratic masked with a Gaussian, and not a sin/cos masked with a Gaussian. Requires Matlab’s Signal Processing Toolbox‘.

[Feven,Fodd] = filterGabor2d( r, sig, lam, theta, [omega], [show] )

r – final mask will be 2r+1 x 2r+1
sig – standard deviation of Gaussian mask
lam – elongation of Gaussian mask
theta – orientation (in degrees)
omega – [1] wavlength of underlying sine (sould be >=1)
show – [0] figure to use for optional display

Feven – even symmetric filter (-cosine masked with Gaussian)
Fodd – odd symmetric filter (-sine masked with Gaussian)

N-dimensional Gaussian filter

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