Analysis of pointillism art algorithm



Pointillism is a branch of impressionism that can be dated back to the late 19th century. It is a painting technique that only uses tiny, distinct dots to form patterns of color. It enjoys a duality in being both discrete up close as dots and continuous from distance as patterns. Combining this artistic inspiration with the techniques of digital image processing, we developed an image-processing algorithm that creates pointillism art from ordinary digital images.

We evaluated various aspects of the algorithm and analyzed their effect on the aesthetics of the resulting image. We also identified specific steps that affect the aesthetics the most. Finally, since art is subjective, we proposed one possible set of parameters for the algorithm that we deem to work the best.


Pointillism Algorithm Flowchart

Pointillism Algorithm Flowchart



Original input image and the resulting pointillism art for the portrait of President Barack Obama.

Original input image and the resulting pointillism art for the portrait of President Barack Obama.




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