LOpen oop Code for Control of a Screw Extruder



The developments in 3D printing have led to the production of objects made from materials such as plastic, metal, paper and even food. This has given end users the opportunity to explore their creativity.

3D printing is being used by universities, manufacturing companies, and everyday users as a quick method of prototyping designs, exploring the capabilities of this technology and seeking ways to improve it. 

Because of the quick emergence of this technology, leaps have been made towards improving manufacturing.

New Design of Screw Extruder

The development of screw extrusion as an alternative 3d printing process will hopefully open doors to new ideas for 3d printing.

Screw extrusion will allow users to have access to a wider variety of materials with a high resolution for their 3d printed parts.

AN adaptive L1–L2 hybrid error model to super-resolution

improvement of HIO algorithm by incorporating a low resolution image


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