standard 1D filter kernels




Some standard 1D filter kernels. These are scaled such that their L2-norm is 1.0.

binomN – binomial coefficient filter of order N-1
haar: – Haar wavelet.
qmf8, qmf12, qmf16 – Symmetric Quadrature Mirror Filters [Johnston80]
daub2,daub3,daub4 – Daubechies wavelet [Daubechies88].
qmf5, qmf9, qmf13: – Symmetric Quadrature Mirror Filters [Simoncelli88,Simoncelli90]

[Johnston80] – J D Johnston, “A filter family designed for use in quadrature mirror filter banks”, Proc. ICASSP, pp 291-294, 1980.

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Report #100.

[Simoncelli90] – E P Simoncelli and E H Adelson, “Subband image coding”, Subband Transforms, chapter 4, ed. John W Woods, Kluwer Academic  Publishers, Norwell, MA, 1990, pp 143–192.

Weighted median filtering of disparity

Difference of Gaussian (Dog) Filter



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