Digital Make up Face Generation



Current make-up applications rely on using photoshop tools to apply makeup on the target’s digital faces and generate results. While these applications allow customization, a customer who wants to quickly decide on the type of makeup kit to buy at a store will not find it useful. The customer might just want to find out how the make-up look on the cover or billboard will look like on her face. The goal of this project is to use an existing reference image of another subject with a make-up applied, and transfer the reference’s make up on the target’s face. The application can be further extended to photo retouching and illumination transfer from the reference image to the target.


Algorithm for Digital Makeup Face Generation




Layer Decomposition and Makeup Transfer Workflow Model. Detail layers and color layers are multiplied by a factor of four to enhance the image

Color reproduction from noisy CFA data of single sensor digital cameras

A joint demosaicing-zooming scheme for single sensor digital color cameras


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