Simulink model for InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers



Reference for this code is the following paper :

Montrosset, I. and Gioannini, M., 2011. Modeling and simulation of InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers. Optoelectronics Letters, 7(2), pp.122-125.


Abstract :

Based on the analysis of carrier dynamics in quantum dots (QDs), the numerical model of InAs/GaAs QD laser is developed by means of complete rate equations. The model includes four energy levels and among them three energy levels join in lasing. A simulation is conducted by MATLAB according to the rate equation model we obtain. The simulation results of PI characteristic, gain characteristic and intensity modulation response are reasonable. Also, the relations between the left facet reflectivity of laser cavity and threshold current as well as modulation bandwidth are studied. It is indicated that the left facet reflectivity increasing can result in reduced threshold current and improved modulation bandwidth, which is in accordance with experimental results. The internal mechanism of QD lasers is fully described with the rate equation model, which is helpful for QD lasers research.

snapshot from simulink model :

MATLAB simulink model InAs GaAs quantum dot lasers

output of code :




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