Method to Identify and Score Darts thrown into Dartboard



The game of darts is a throwing sport in which participants toss projectiles into a circular target attached to a vertical surface. The target is divided into many regions which correspond to different point and multiplier values. Darts is commonly played across North America and Europe and is a popular past time for many so an application that allows players to more conveniently keep score would be widely beneficial.

The results obtained using this technique provide a good proof of concept for digitalizing dart scoring while maintaining the use of regulation equipment. The proposed method was able to localize darts to within a few pixels of their actual position and report the points scored.

Further work includes porting this MATLAB model to take advantage of modern DSPs in order to speed up processing time. Also, additional work in areas such as multiple dart detection and foreground recognition is suggested in order to increase the accuracy and precision of the dart localization and to make this method practical in real-world use. Furthermore, this paper provides only an intuition for the best camera viewing angle. Further research is necessary to find the optimal offset angle for the stationary camera.



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