MATLAB and Arduino code for TopBot robot

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TopBot was a project created to explore passive stability and open-loop controls as a method of locomotion. The passive stability of top dynamics would be exploited as a way to keep TopBot righted while a hopping mechanism would be explored to allow for a form of locomotion. This allows for not only a computationally simple form of stability but could also be used in instances of lower gravity planets as a form of space exploration where hopping from location to location could provide an energy efficient alternative to rolling or stepping over harsh terrain.

The purpose of TopBot is to instead take a detailed look at a naturally occurring form of stability and exploit its benefits to stabilize a system as well as create a unique form of locomotion.


Actuation Systems of TopBot

Actuation Systems of TopBot

MATLAB code :

Jump Height and Velocity

Cold Thrust Rocket Calculations

Number of CO2 Canister Shots

Preliminary Spin Speed of Rotor

RK4 Analysis of TopBot

Arduino code :

Nutation Angle from Accelerometer




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