Image reconstruction in Fourier domain




Reconstruct image from its steerable pyramid representation, in the Fourier domain

PYR is a vector containing the N pyramid subbands, ordered from fine to coarse.

INDICES is an Nx2 matrix containing the sizes of each subband. This is compatible with the MatLab Wavelet toolbox.

LEVS (optional) should be a list of levels to include, or the string ‘all’ (default). 0 corresonds to the residual highpass subband. 1 corresponds to the finest oriented scale. 

BANDS (optional) should be a list of bands to include, or the string ‘all’ (default). 1 = vertical, rest proceeding anti-clockwise.

TWIDTH is the width of the transition region of the radial lowpass function, in octaves (default = 1, which gives a raised cosine for the bandpass filters).

A New Alternating Minimization Algorithm for Total Variation Image Reconstruction



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