Adds a scale bar in an image




function hImage = scalebar(imageName, unitsPerPixel, barSize, units,color,pos)   % SCALEBAR(imageFile, pixelSize, pixelSize, magnification, units, negative)  % Adds a scale bar in the lower right-hand corner of an image in the  % active set of axes. Be sure that your whole scale bar fits within the  % image width (minus 10%). It should not touch the left edge of your  % image.  %  % Required inputs are:  % imageName : EITHER an image variable name (e.g. foo)  % OR a file path and filename (e.g. ~/foo.png)  % pixelSize (float) : the actual size of a camera pixel (e.g. 7.4)  % magnification (float) : the microscope magnification (e.g. 40)  % barScale (float) : bar size in image units (e.g. 100)  % units (string) : the units of the image (e.g. micron)  %  % Adapted from SFNagle 2015 v1 % read in the image and display  if ischar(imageName)  image1 = imread(imageName);  else  image1 = imageName;  end  figure  hImage = imshow(image1,[],'Border','tight');  % plot a scale bar in black first  scaleBarWidth = floor( 1/(unitsPerPixel) * barSize);  scaleBarHeight = 5;  if pos == 1;  xPos = size(image1,2)*0.92 - scaleBarWidth;  else  xPos = size(image1,2)*0.08;  end  yPos = size(image1,1)*0.92 - scaleBarHeight;  textCenterX = xPos + floor(scaleBarWidth/2);  textCenterY = yPos + scaleBarHeight*4;  rectPosition = [xPos, yPos, scaleBarWidth, scaleBarHeight];  hRect = rectangle('Position', rectPosition);  set(hRect,'EdgeColor',color,...  'FaceColor',color);  % label the scale bar  str = sprintf(['%4d ' units], barSize);  hText = text(textCenterX,textCenterY,str);  set(hText,'HorizontalAlignment','center',...  'FontSize',20,...  'FontWeight','bold',...  'Color',color);  end 


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