12 MATLAB code examples of fuzzy logic and ANFIS



One of the ways to learn programming and create fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy systems in MATLAB is to use projects and examples where you can see all the commands of a section one after the other. We have prepared 12 MATLAB code samples for you.

Subjects of the codes:

Estimating the rank of PhD students based on the fuzzy system

Loan payment decisions with a fuzzy system

Identifying the survival of patients who underwent breast cancer surgery using ANFIS

Predicting heart disease: an artificial fuzzy neural system

Breast cancer diagnosis based on Takagi Sugeno ANFIS

Detecting the compatibility of men and women for marriage with a fuzzy system

The decision to go on a trip with a fuzzy system

Decision-making based on the PMI (Plus-Minus-Interesting) method

Titanic survival

Hotel rating

Demand and price

Artificial Fuzzy Neural Inference System for Iris Detection



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