Arduino code for micro wind turbines placed on a car



In summary, the current preliminary investigations established the feasibility of using micro wind turbines on the cars with a reasonable output of current that can be utilized for the auxiliary application inside the car. The turbine RPM and wind velocity increased with increasing the car speed. However they were also affected by the crosswind flows, and local wind gushes due to the vehicles passing by.

The electricity generated with and without voltage controllers showed the flexibility to control the voltage and current outputs depending on the requirements in the vehicles. However, it was also evident that a minimum car speed of 50 mph or more is required to generate a current of 0.2 A for the wind turbine setup implemented in the present experiments. Also, the electrical components in the circuit could be replaced with different simple components such as capacitors and voltage regulators to reduce the power loss and increase the efficiency of power generated by wind turbines. The battery used in the experiment was a 5amp-hr battery. It was able to reach its full capacity in approximately 45min of drive time at 65mph on the road. At this rate, a regular car battery could be charged in approximately 2hrs at the driving speed of 65mph.



Wind Turbine Topologies

laplacian matrix based on image data and local window size


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