Pyhton code for readout system of nanocomposite gas sensor

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A new type of readout system using a Raspberry Pi microcomputer as the electronic control and data processing units were proposed and applied to the gas sensing of novel In2O3/RGO nanocomposites .

The reasonable accuracy, low cost and flexible design was enabled by open-source software. The current responses of nanocomposite gas sensors toward oxygen were measured and compared between the proposed system and a commercialized Agilent SMU. The data measured by the proposed system is logged and plotted on a webpage in real-time, which are in a good agreement with the results measured by Agilent SMU.

Users can easily check the current values from wherever there is Internet access. When gas sensors detect a threshold current value that corresponds to a gas concentration that is too high, the Raspberry Pi can trigger alarm functions to turn on a red LED and send out an alert text message.

Monte Carlo Function

Power Electronics Interface Topologies


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