Mobile Robot Control based on Car-like Robots



➢ Inputs: u1 (throttle control), phi (steering control)
➢ Outputs: x, y, theta


We cannot drive the robot to move at the speed (vxd, vyd) along the rear wheel axis direction as side slip is not possible.
➢ Similar to DD robot, we can set a new reference point to overcome this issue.
➢ New Reference Point (xr, yr):

Control of Car-like Robots

Control of Car-like Robots


The new reference point (xr, yr) (the red spot in the figure). Note the new reference point is along the central line of the robot with a length from the old reference point for d.



The kinematics of the reference point can be obtained as



Define u2=u1*tan(phi), the above equations become



In matrix form,



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