ANSYS log file for diaphragm design



the diaphragm design is modeled in ANSYS by running an ANSYS log file written in ANSYS parametric design language (APDL).

The ANSYS log file is a text file that contains the ANSYS commands to create a certain design; it is an alternative way of using the Graphical User Interface of ANSYS.


3mm comb-finger diaphragm in ANSYS

3mm comb-finger diaphragm in ANSYS


Along with the file, there is one more file that is also written in APDL to extract geometry information;

This macro file with the file extension *.mac can be called in the ANSYS log file.


After obtaining three geometry files from ANSYS, Matlab is used to reorganize the geometry information in a form that C-language can handle. The M-file will load the three geometry files: “keypointcoords.txt”, “linekeypoints.txt” and “arealines.txt”.

Output Files

Running the file in Matlab will generate two output files: “skincoordinates.txt” and “stiffenercoordinates.txt”. These files contain the geometry information for the diaphragm skin and for the stiffener respectively.



This code has a document (181 pages) which describe the algorithm in detail.

Design of a 3mm Directional Microphone Diaphragm using COMSOL Graphical User Interface


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