Arduino code for hypothermia device



The components (at the total cost of under $500) include: a loop tubing system for cooling the fluorocarbon liquid in a copper chamber and transport it with a peristaltic pump to the gold tip (Rajguru, Roberson, & King, 2015); dual heat pipes and fans to maintain Peltier functionality; an Arduino interface to control the temperature range in the dual Peltier setup; a syringe to allow for refilling of fluorocarbon and for managing of air bubbles; an external temperature sensor; and a standard power supply to provide the power necessary to run all components. The overall weight of the device is less than 1 kg. Temperature capabilities range from of -5 to 50 Celsius. There is no fluorocarbon leakage; therefore it has no harmful residue.


Figure 1.5 shows the schematic and mechanism of the hypothermia device.

Programmatically designed to self-regulate, the touch user interface the screen contains on/off and plus/minus buttons for selecting temperature; current readings of equipment temperature; and external microthermistor for reference. If it detects a 5 degree difference, the system switches from warming to cooling to achieve the selected temperature, and then maintains it within 0.5 Celsius of the target temperature.

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