Visual C# 2010 code for Micro-Structure Descriptor



For more information, refer to:

Guang-Hai Liu, Lei Zhang,etc. Image Retrieval based on Micro-Structure Descriptor . Pattern Recognition,2011.


This project presents a simple yet efficient image retrieval approach by proposing a new image feature detector and descriptor, namely the micro-structure descriptor (MSD). The micro-structures are defined based on an edge orientation similarity, and the MSD is built based on the underlying colors in microstructures with similar edge orientation. With micro-structures serving as a bridge, the MSD extracts features by simulating human early visual processing and it effectively integrates color, texture, shape and color layout information as a whole for image retrieval. The proposed MSD algorithm has high indexing performance and low dimensionality. Specifically, it has only 72 dimensions for full color images, and hence it is very efficient for image retrieval. The proposed method is extensively tested on Corel datasets with 15,000 natural images. The results demonstrate that it is much more efficient and effective than representative feature descriptors, such as Gabor features and multi-textons histogram, for image retrieval.


Two examples of an MSD: (a) sailing ship and (b) bus

MATLAB code for Local Gray Code Pattern (LGCP) descriptor

Image Retrieval


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