MATLAB is a standard tool which has been included in introductory and advanced courses in applied mathematics, engineering, science and economics in many universities around the world. In industry, it is a tool of research, development, and analysis.
MATLAB (short for MATrix LABoratory) is a mathematical and graphical software package with numerical, graphical, and programming capabilities developed by the MathWorks, Inc., Natick, Massachusetts, USA. In 1984, the rst version appeared.
MATLAB is helpful to solve complicated problems. All major functions can directly be used as the input. MATLAB uses an interpreter to understand what we type and what type of output may come. Users sometimes get suggestions to make error-free statements. Therefore, we need to be careful. We begin by studying the basic feature in MATLAB.

Basic Feature
To start MATLAB in Microsoft Windows, double-click on the MATLAB icon on the Windows desktop. MATLAB can also be started by selecting MATLAB from the Start menu. Once MATLAB is launched, a MATLAB Command Window appears on the screen.

Command Window
The Command Window is used to enter several variables, evaluate MATLAB commands, and run M- les or functions.

Edit Window
To open the Edit Window, go to File!New!Script. This window allows us to type and save a series of commands without executing them. We can also open the Edit Window by typing Edit at the Command prompt or by selecting the New Script button on the toolbar.

MuPAD opens a new blank MuPAD notebook and returns an object representing the notebook. A MuPAD notebook is an easy to use environment for performing computations symbolically using the MuPAD language and documenting the results.
For example, we write in the Command Window:

>> Mupad
It will open a new blank MuPAD notebook.

Help Browser
The Help Browser is used to view pre-de ned documentation for all MATLAB products. It helps to know about any command that we want.
For example, to know about for loop, we write in the Command
Window as follows:
>> help for