Kaggle is a platform for data sciences developer. It is based on two programming languages, Python and R .

It has many outstanding features :

You can find and use dataset in your machine learning application. You can find datasets in the link ( https://www.kaggle.com/datasets )

There is many competitions in kaggle. You can join a competition. If you win a competition , You will earn money. Many big company create competition in Kaggle. 

Using big datasets in Kaggle is very simple, you can simply type a code and the dataset will import in your project variable. One of problem in machine learning is big dataset. Usual computer can not handle and process these big datasets but Kaggle can process the big datasets easily in python projects.

It has 18 GB RAM. You can run your code in CPU or GPU. It has any relation to your PC. It is similar to run your code on a powerfull PC.

Development environment is very similar to Github. I think it is a copy of github. Color of user page and the shape of page is similar to github. It is very common in big company to buy or copy idea of other companies. Microsoft bought github and Google makes a new one. 

When you type your code in Kaggle, you can run your code online :