1. Study the company
2. Understand how the company makes money
3. Dress slightly above how you expect the company dresses
4. Practice interviewing (have someone else quiz you) and be able to answer why you would be a good fit at that company
5. Have questions ready for the interviewer
6. Practice a 2-minute description of your previous work
7. Have programs in each language you are proficient in on your Github page

8. General study
a. Sorting algorithms
b. Know Python
c. Web-based applications
d. Know your tech lingo
e. Be ready for a data challenge
f. Do probability problems on a white board
g. Know regularization
h. Understand crossvalidation issues
i. Be able to wrangle and model some data
j. Know about optimization
k. Know some SQL
l. Study data structures in computer science
m. Study recursion in computer science
n. Know AWS
o. Know general Business Intelligence (BI) terminology
p. Understand A/B testing
q. Know some statistics
r. Know some machine learning