Cancer is known as gathering of related illnesses. In a wide range of cancer, some portion of the body’s cells, start to separate without halting and spread into encompassing tissues. Human body is made up of cells which are trillions in number.

Tumor can begin any place within these cells. Regularly, the human cells develop and separate to form new cells as required by the body. When cells are old, new cells usually substitute them. But when cancer occurs, this process does not take place as it supposed to be. The old cells do not die and the new cells are formed without necessity. The cells keep on dividing without any restrictions and forms outgrowths
in the body called tumors. These tumors are usually solid and are strong masses of tissue.

Malignancies of the blood, for example, leukemia, by and large do not shape strong tumors. The cancerous tumors can spread into, or attack the tissues close to them, so these are called malignant. Furthermore, as these tumors develop, some growth cells can sever and move to distant spots in the body either through the blood or the lymph node framework and shape new carcinogenic tumors a long way from the original tumor location. But benign tumors are not like malignant tumors. They do not spread or attack the tissues surrounding them, or the tissues close to them.
After removal either by surgery or by other treatment procedures, benign tumors do not grow back. This is unlike malignant tumors, which sometimes grow back after removal. Generally, benign tumors are not life threatening, except for the benign tumors that occur in the brain. The brain benign tumors can be risky and can even be the cause of death of a person.