MATLAB code  for  Test Case Selection and Prioritization


A proposed approach for test case prioritization problem based on Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization


Nowadays, Software are used in each computer. There are many application for them. One of the main problem of software producer, is reliability of the software. Best way for test of a software is test case. Each test case has duty to test a part of the software.
Sometimes, run of all test cases need many years, so it will be impossible to test all of test case. Researchers have proposed an approach for this problem which is test case Prioritization. In this approach, we Prioritize test case based on importance degree of all test cases, therefore in is not necessary to test all test cases.
One of the famous algorithms in this filed are evolutionary algorithm. It has been shown that these algorithm can find solution for NP-hard problem in less time than common mathematical approaches.
The proposed algorithm is based on Ant Colony and genetic operator (crossover, mutation) are used in procedure of ant colony system. Simulation results show that our proposed approach has better efficiency than Ant Colony and Genetic Algorithm. MATLAB 2014 are used for implementation of the algorithm.