Image segmentation techniques can be used for separating the RBC, WBC and Platelets in an image. The prime reason for segmenting the image is to define the boundaries of the blood cells enabling features to be extracted without the inclusion of extraneous material.

The human blood consists of three types of blood cells such  as red blood cell (RBC), white blood cell (WBC) and platelets  (PLT). The red blood cell or erythrocytes are the more number of blood cells in the human body. Usually doctors use one of  the main information to diagnose various diseases is the red  blood cell count. The main function of red blood cell is to  carries oxygen throughout the body [1]. Oxygen is important  for every human being to survive their life. So red blood cells are very essential blood cell for humans. According to  American Cancer Society (2009), the normal red blood cell in  human body is classified into four categories of ages which are listed in the table 1.
Normally red blood cell or erythrocytes are minute disc  shaped cells and having concave on either side of the body. The edges are thicker and rounder than the centre so that it  looks like a concave shaped. They does not have nucleus. They  contain a special protein known as hemoglobin. This gives the red colour to blood. The inner and outer layer of the cell is  made up of protein. The amount of blood is measured by using  hemoglobin level. The level of hemoglobin in our blood will
affect our health by causing various diseases.