PHS is the abbreviation of Peripheral High Speed. PHS is introduced by dSPACE company. It is a bidirectional bus interface. 

PHS is used to establish a communication link between the processor board and the I/O boards. It can support multiple I/O board for a processor board. For example, processor boards can be DS1005/1006 and I/O board can be DS2210/2211. 






The user can connect up to 16 I/O boards via the PHS bus within a simulation computer.

The main duty of the PHS bus interface is connecting a host PC with a dSPACE system. MATLAB/Simulink is installed on the host PC. 

One of the outstanding features of PHS is high-speed transfer rate, usually between 5 to 20 Mbps.

A real-time simulation of a 6-cylinder gasoline automotive including I/O with dSPACE can achieve a cycle time of 0.15 ms.

The company dSPACE in Germany has created a complete hardware implementation that connects in a seamless way to MATLAB. The hardware also consists a complete line of I/O boards that provide Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), encoder inputs, pulse width modulation (PWM), and input to CAN or VAN bus. 

Pcalexio board

Pcalexio board


All of the boards in the dSPACE system can be placed in a specially designed enclosure that allows rapid connections to the host computer and also contains the required power supplies. This eclosure is called “AutoBox“.

AutoBox dSPACE enclosure

AutoBox /Expansion enclosure



The AutoBox is the ideal enclosure for using your dSPACE PHS-based real-time system to carry out an in-vehicle control experiment.

The AutoBox enclosure runs off a DC input and allows the user to work in the vehicle application.


  • There is space for 7 to 15 dSPACE boards.
  • There is a power supply for 12V, 24V and 48V.


Link Boards :

You can connect board via different communication link types. (ISA, PCI, PCI Express, PCMCIA, ExpressCard, Ethernet ).


Link boards

Link boards



You can partition PHS bus to several I/O board.

Partitioning the PHS bus with DS802 :

Several I/O board are connected to the processor board.

Boxes contain only I/O boards are slave boxes. There is one Master box.

One DS802 must be installed in the Master box and one in every Slave box.

DS802 PHS Link Board

DS802 PHS Link Board